Thursday, 22 November 2012

The Girls Being Briefed

They all sat down for their random questions and and answers section.

Morning section

The Girls were all ready to start their morning very enthusiastic after having thier breakfast

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Sharing experiencies

This week, the Girls had the chance to share with a very experience aviator who spent over twenty hours flying from Germany to Ghana via France, Spain, Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal, Sierra Leon, Liberia, Cote devoir. |As a celebration of 50 years since the first Ghanaian cadets went to the german Island of Juist to learn to fly, Joeg Bohn and George Manu flew a Ruschmeyer R90 in a project called ‘Ghana-Juist 1962’ and used it to raise awareness of Medicine on the Move and the AvTech Academy along the way. After Jeorg and George landed in Accra to clear formalities, they flew up to Kpong Airfield to share with the young ladies in the AvTech Academy what their experience from Germany to Ghana was like, to help broaden the minds of the young aviators. They had a full tour around the Ruschmeyer in order to learn about some of its features, many of which are not that common with the planes they are exposed to at the airfield. Al the Seagulls (3rd year Girls) had the opportunity to fly with Jeorg in the circuit, demonstrating their flying skills, which they thoroughly enjoyed. The Sparrows (year 1 students) got to fly too. \ Experiences like this provide a deepening of understanding as well as exposure to new aircraft types – both in configuration and in construction .