Sunday, 16 December 2012

End of term

The Girls had their end of term party where all the young Ladies had matching dresses for the party . The party went very well according to plan and they all ate and danced together as a team. When the party came to an end, the Ladies decided to have their pictures taken with some of the team members like 9G-ZAF and their favourite newly purchased John Deere sit and ride lawn mower.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Girls on placement

The young ladies are now on placement. One of the girls is on placement in Brong Ahafo, four in Kete Krachi. All of them will visit schools and the local airstrips as part of their placement. The Krachi girls will return for some placement time at Kpong prior to the end of year break. The two girls left at the field on Kpong placement have the task of mastering the new John Deere mower - getting the airfield ready for the weeekend.