Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Tractor Repair reports

Juliet and Emmanuella have written shop reports on their tractor repair work.

Emmanuella's report

Juliets Report

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Hydraulic work

Changing of the hydraulic pump

Date 22/02/2012
Time 08:00am
Location Hanger three
Materials Grease, Gasket, marker pen, O-ring, Washers and Bolts
Equipment 16mm Spanner, Ratchet and Robber Mallet

Zaen The instructor of the task.
Emmanuella The assistance in cleaning the hydraulic tank, watching and writing.
Juliet Taking photographs, cleaning and watching.
Lydia The assisting with bringing tools, cleaning of the differential hydraulic and some parts of the tractor.

Procedure: At the beginning of the work, Zaen talked about what we would be doing on the tractor concerning the hydraulic pump. The reason why the old hydraulic pump was being changed was that, the teeth of the Bering had chewed and no longer functioning as it should so it needed to be changed.

Working on a tractor is almost the same as working on an aircraft, something like this not everybody that has the interest for it, somebody like Zaen has the experience for fixing a tractor hydraulic pump and it would be very easy for him because he had the passion for it and he does not just have the knowledge for one thing but has it for most things and he has the interest for them.

The tractor was clean with a clean rag, after the cleaning, the chair was removed, bolts and nuts were also removed from the hydraulic pump, and we tried hard to raise the deferential up from the pump. The hydraulic oil was drain underneath the gear pump, the inside of the oil tank was clean after the oil has been drained. The inside was checked for debris and it was clean, we covered it for some days searching for a new Bering.

This is the old hydraulic pump and the Bering.

The groove of the tank where the gasket goes was greased and sealed with a gasket, it was covered with the deferential and afterwards the hydraulic oil went back into the tank.

The new hydraulic pump and the Bering were set back on the tractor and had been tighten with 16mm spanner.

Observation: We were happy when we finished with the work and the tractor went back into service.

Outcome: It was working perfectly.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Special day

I took Emmanuella and Juliet flying this morning...

It was a very good weather for circuits and the two Girls did brilliantly.
They all know their checks, all procedures and everything on their finger tips.

When we got back, Lydia wanted to go flying too, but I said to her that she has to wait to fly in AF since she is a special case.
She was running out of patient and then she realised, is really true she going to fly in the very nice PLANE.The other Girls flew in the old baby of the field

She can operate the throttle, stick and even the flaps with NO problem. Well done Lydia.

Here is Lydia in the beautiful GIRL.

Friday, 24 February 2012

100 hour sevice

When we do the 100 service, or any service, we do so according to a servicing checklist. At WAASPS there is a standard, generic form that has to be completed... here it is partly completed. It will be completed at the test flight.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Girls doing a 100hr service

So the Girls are going to be working on AE today.

They are going to be doing a hundred hour service and I will be bringing more details on that soon.

Stay with us...

they took the servicing seriously and everyone of them being very proactive in that workshop making things happen as they should be.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012


The girls today were involved with putting a new hydraulic pump on the Airfield tactor that was grounded about a month ago.

We are not far from making it work again.

Monday, 20 February 2012


The ladies did more work with computer based training.

The lesson this week, is focusing human performance and limitations.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Story by Juliet K

Morning came, with the beautiful sun rise from the east. People started to plan for the day. Students prepared for school. Drivers started their cars early for start of the day. Trusty said, I was getting ready for school when I heard a big sound which went bang! People were shouting and calling many names and crying.

These sounds were heard right in front of my house. She got herself decent and went out. She found out that a car had knocked down one of her father’s cows. The cow died on the spot but the driver was severely injured. The driver was brought out to a secure place and first aid was provided to him before taking him to the hospital for medical assistance. As the victim was being taking care of by the first Aiders, the rest of the people who came to help also made sure that, they inspected the car for injured parties and other things which are valuable to some of family involved. The police arrived and did some measurements as part of their investigation. They found out that, the driver was not wearing seat belt, he was driving at high speed and did not check if there were any obstacles or pedestrians on that side way. The police continued with their investigation and saw that, the driver was exceeding the speed limit of the road,120 km per hour on the street of the town was too much. The policemen went to the house of the driver to find out whether he was into drugs, alcohol or misunderstanding with the family before going out. It came to the notice of the policemen that, he had some upset with the family and so they believed that, the argument could be the cause of the bad incident. The policemen went away and Trusty went to school feeling very sad about what she saw.
When Ms Mercy saw her student Trusty sad, she approached her and asked what the problem was. Trusty narrated the story to Ms Mercy who was Trusty’s science teacher.

The madam told Trusty to have heart, and should always remember that, getting people distracted could cause an accident. Because the little mistake you do today could lead to a bigger accident tomorrow. The Science Teacher also said to Trusty that, she should always start her day in a happy mood. Things go wrong at homes, workplaces and other places when misunderstandings are not resolved. No matter how sick, how bad you feel or how cross you are, you should ever go to work or school with those bad expressions showing on your face. For instance, if you were to be in a company whereby your job is to receive visitors, do not say because you had a bad moment last night, you would not serve your customers and visitors well. When Trusty heard what the madam has said, she was lost for words and was surprised. Why was she surprised? Her mother has been telling her similar words anytime her mother was advising her.

Trusty’s mother was a flying doctor and she had been explaining to Trusty how accidents happen when it comes to flying. She made her daughter understood how safer it was to fly than to drive. But flying could be dangerous if safety measures are not put in place. For instance, when planning to fly, the runway to be used for take off and landing needs FODwalked (Foreign Object Debris walk). These are done because sometimes when you look at a runway in a distance, you will see that the tarmac or the grasses look neat but the moment you start to walk on it, you may be amazed at some of the things you may find on the runway. Some examples are; Dog, stones, eggs, cattle and human beings also crossing without permission from the authorities in charge of the field. FODwalk is done to get rid of all those things on the runway. Trusty’s mother also spoke to her about some of the checks she does on her aircraft. Again she does her flight plan as to where she would be flying to. She said that, she always communicates with the ATC at the particular airfield she would be starting her flying at. She is permitted to fly only VFR (Visual Flight Rules) because of that, she only flies into what she sees. Her weather condition is always taken into account. She did not only end there, but she continued to tell her daughter that, pilots plan their cross countries which is where they will be flying to. They do that, to enable them calculate how much fuel would be consumed, how long before getting to their destination.

Dr. Juliet Brown who was a flying doctor,who did a lot of mission flights to rural areas for humanitarian purposes. Knowing the great passion the woman had for humanitarian aviation, she wanted her daughter to have the same strong passion. Dr. Juliet Brown was pleading with her daughter because she was getting older and was losing the strength to work and wanted someone to replace her. She wanted someone who was ready to do humanitarian work. Fortunately enough, she was a flying instructor. She taught her daughter how to fly ultra light aircraft since those types were appropriate for the mission flying. She was trained on how to fly an aircraft by registration 9G-ZAF which was normally shortened as AF.

The reason for using these aircraft was that, it was good in doing STOL (short take and landings) operations. It was also good in doing bush landings. Furthermore, most of these deprived villages have short runways but with this kind of aircraft, and with an experienced qualified pilot, you can achieve STOL. One of the most important things was that, the aircraft was using Rotax 912UL engine. These type of engine burns 15 litres per hour. It can go as high as 10,000feet. It flies below that, because she was operating at VFR and passed 10,000feet, human begin to suffer from hypoxia. It ranges from 140 to 160 km per hour. AF was sprayed with red and white colour because these colours symbolised emergency or Red Cross. This was because the aircraft was purposely built for humanitarian purposes. Dr.Juliet Brown bought the plane for Trusty to help her fly to rural areas with health personnel to give the people in the villages’ basic health education. Many flights took place and guess what happened…

As Trusty was doing her pre-flight for her first solo, she noticed that one of the wires joining the oil pressure sensor gauges was torn. She went for a pair of wire stripper, she stripped the plastic insulator. She kept the copper wires neat to avoid electrocution. She reconnected them to have a working sensor gauge to avoid inadequate reading from the gauge. As Trusty did her checks, she asked for clearance from ATC, she took off and did several circuits. Finally she was cleared to land on runway 19. She has always kept in her mind about checking the runway for obstacles before landing. She turned on final, as she continue her approach and the plane was descending, she saw a cat run from nowhere crossing the runway to the other side of the field. Immediately, she added power and climbed out again. She finally did one circuit and landed safely. She did many more solos and did her written examination. Trusty passed her examination and had her license to fly. Since that time, Trusty took her mother’s position and did a lot of mission flight. Every flight made to rural areas, she made sure, she donates many things which cost more than $1,300.

All these dreams were achieved by hard work and the help of
some generous people. Trusty flew to many villages and

Changed lives one flight at a time.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Story by Emmanuella

These are words Emmanuella chose.

Judith, Kpong, Joycelin, Kumasi, 500 cedis,Orange, Green, Banku, Rice, Brain, Leg, AF.

Once upon a time, there lived a girl called Judith. She lived in a town named Kpong. Judith lived closer to a friend of her’s by name Joycelin, who attended the same school with her in the township of Kpong.

One day, the two girls planed to have a tour to the Kpong Airfield facility and if possible to take a flight in one of their planes to Kumasi on excursion. When they got to the Airfield, they looked at all the different planes and decided to take their flight in one of the planes by registration 9G-ZAF to Kumasi air port. Before the girls got on board the Aircraft, the pilot asked them whether they have ever been on a small plane before organizing such an excursion by air.

Immediately they replied we had already make enquires some few months back before expediting the journey. When the flight was about to depart, the girls asked of the invoice for their flight to Kumasi and the pilot told them it will cost GH¢ 500 each way. During the flight, Joycelin told her friend that, she could see some body from the air in a bright orange and green dress.

After they got to their destination, the plane landed and the girls came out, and they were starving. At that moment, the girls rush to the near by appetizing restaurant at the Kumasi air port.
Due to much hunger, Joycelin had placed an order for an enormous banku with okro stew. So Judith said well since her friend has ordered her favourite then, she will like a plate of decorated jollof rice and grilled guinea fowl, also some rice pudding. After they had finished eating and continuing their adventure, it was time for them to be back home before night fall. When they were returning home, Judith approach the pilot to find out how one could achieve their dreams of becoming a pilot. The pilot answered her in chorus. If you want to be a pilot, you need to take your Maths, Science, English and Geography seriously and at least you should have completed senior high school. Judith said by the way my friend and I are studying pure Science. So when they got home, they started going to extra classes that will enable to learn more and to prepare them towards achieving their dreams since the Pilot enlightened them about the steps to be coming a Pilot. At the classes, they were taught about the human body which comprises of the brain and the leg. After they had finished their duties at home, in the evening, they went to a restaurant to have dinner and met the pilot - they told him what they were taught at the classes today. Based on that, the pilot said that it was very brilliant that the girls were already ahead of the game. Because, when you are taking flying lessons, there is a topic called human performance and limitation which talks about the human body too. These include the human brain and the leg as well. The girls were so vibrant and would appreciate to have more lessons on the human body. The next day at the class, the two girls were having a conversation with their teacher based on how essential the human body is when it comes to flying. Their teacher was itching to learn more about how the human body is related to flying. At this time, the girls were telling him what the pilot told them about the human body and how healthy one has be, before flying. Their teacher was so happy due to how intelligent his students are when it comes to learning and they are ready to find out more even outside the classroom in order to broaden their knowledge about new things in life.

He told them to keep up their enthusiasm and hard work because that will expose them to a bright future.

Friday, 17 February 2012

More stories from the Girls

This time, the Girls have chosen their own words to write stories with.
Here are the words that Lydia chose.

Green, AF, Emmanuella, Juliet, Tema, Tractor, Goat, Cow, Runway 01, 500km, Walk.

A story by Lydia about Emmanuella Johnson and Juliet

There was a girl called Emmanuella Johnson who always looks after cows and goats. When the dry season came Emmanuella-J decided to make an expedition with her tractor to where she has been sending the animals to eat, to mow the grasses so that new green grass could grow for the animals to eat. The place was very far, like 500km, away from her house. One day Emmanuella-J wanted to travel to Tema when she finished dressing herself, she has to walk 3km to the road side to take a car. She got to the road side took a trotro, when she got into the trotro she met a new friend called Juliet-S. Emmanuella J asked her what she does, and she told her she was a pilot. Emmanuella-J asked her the type of plane she flies, and she told her she flies ultra-light aircraft. Emmanuella-J asked a lots of question concerning flying and if possible could she also learn to fly. Juliet- S told her she is always welcome.

Emmanuella-J got to where she wanted to alight she got down and Juliet S told her “see you soon when you come there bye” Emmanuella-J went to Tema because she was training on a course that consisted of how to take care of animals. The training went on very well. After she has completed with her training, she thought of how to get to her friend Juliet- S, so she took a taxi from Tema to Kotoka International Airport. When she got there, she asked the security man about Juliet-S and the security man asked her if she had an appointment, and she said affirm. He went and called Juliet-S for her. She came out and asked Emmanuella-J what she would like to do. Emmanuella-J said she would love to fly to Kumasi and back. Juliet-S sent her to one of the aircraft called Alpha Foxtrot (AF). When she sent her near the plane, she was so excited and said I love the colour of this plane. She taught her how to do the checklist, they checked the cockpit for key off, mags off, fuselage, elevator, horizontal stabilizer, fin, wings, pins, wires, wheels, engine and windshield. After they did all these checks they signed the paperwork. Emmanuella-J got into the right seat of the plane and Juliet-S sat on the left seat of the plane, as the pilot. They did a radio communication call to the tower, that is to the Air Traffic Controller (ATC). The pilot asked the KIA tower, “Niner Golf Zulu Alpha Foxtrot (9GZ-AF) radio check and start-up”
“ 9GZAF you are clear to start-up at your own discretion, runway in use is 01 QNH is 1013 wind speed is 12kts KIA tower”
“ Copy your information QNH is 1013, taxing to runway 01, copy your information 9GZAF”
When they were on the runway 01 they went through their list again, from there the pilot added full power and took off. At 1000ft above the ground they turned left heading Kumasi in the Ashanti region. It was very amazing flight for Emmanuella.
The end.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Here is the story by lydia

Story by Lydia

It was a bright Friday morning; Ama would be travelling with her mother to a town called kar. The same day Ama was invited to a training center. She sensed to organise some navigational equipment because the training consist of flying. As they were going, Ama said could smell something peculiar. During this time, their driver was far asleep and collided with some other car and the driver of that Car was stunned immediately and some parts of the car also got broken and crumpled. The car caught fire and had a big explosion due to the build of pressure in the fuel line and the cylinder. It was an unexpected disaster because it destroyed many people s’ farm produce that they had for the whole year in order to feed their family. Ama was so lamented when she saw the car burnt. Now she had an idea about the sort of formula to use so as to get to her appointment on time. She decided to use a motor cycle since this will enable her to weave around the traffic with no hassle. She made it to the training centre at two minutes past her appointment time. When the car had the accident earlier, the driver was marooned to the very far end of a nearby forest. The training centre is the magnificent building in that community so everybody try to make the most out when ever they have an opportunity given to them just like the one given to Ama. After she had closed from the training centre, there is a water falls due north of the town and she decided to make an expedition to that place because she had heard that, the water falls has been in existence for so many centuries. Ama did one orbit around the water falls just to be able to see all the details around the falls since so many people make their own story about that particular falls. She stayed there and swam until the night when the moon and galaxies were out making sky shine like is daytime adding more interest to her adventure. She had a fantastic moment at the water falls. That was the most fan she had ever had in her entire life and she went away with a lot of happy memories and a lot of stories to tell to all her friends.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Supporting HIV Orphans and Vulnerable Children

As today is celebrated as Valentines or Chocolate Day, in Ghana, the Manya Krobo Queen Mothers Association celebrates this day with loving and caring for the people that are dear to us. The MKQMA loves and cares for over 1000 orphans and vulnerable children through care in the community.

The AvTech Girls were invited to share their experience and give inspirational words to the school children from both lower and upper Manya District, so as for them to let them know that through hard work and determination, one could become successful in life.

They talked about what they do at the Academy including flying, building planes and maintaining the Aeroplanes.

Bags of Pasta were given to each child to take home for their family, to help with their feeding. Thanks go to DFP for their generous support to this aspect of the Medicine on the Move programme that AvTech participates in.

The school children were very inspired after the little speech from the Girls.

Our Girls are fantastic inspirational speakers – getting ready to change lives, one flight at a time as they train as Pilot/Engineer/Health Educators – the future leaders of Ghana’s health outreach programmes to rural areas, such as the ones these children come from.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Unusual day

Today was not a straight-forward day, We cleaned the Generator,fetched 1000 litres of water for the plasters working on accommodation B3 and did some CBT (Computer Based Training)on HPL(Human Performance and Limitations).

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Fire fighting

I guess many people get through their everyday life with everything going according to the plan of the day.

Today we woke up with the intention of getting things set up for flying once the visibility improves and guess what happened, we had to go fight a bush fire near the runway, other manoeuvring areas and the accommodation site.

Every body got involved for about four hours non-stop, controlling and putting the fire out. The Girls coordinated the activity. It tells you that, nothing ever goes according to plan in this part of our world.

Very well done Girls and keep up all the good work that you are doing.You are all ambassadors of the young people of Ghana.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Story by Juliet


In the 20th century, something happened on the planet earth. Some great men in those early days decided to build a machine which would be able to go into space. Because it was known that, there wasn’t any oxygen in space. They made up their minds to build an engine which could still operate in space without oxygen. They wanted the machine to be able to make an expedition into space without the space men putting much effort on controlling the rocket all times. The great men were trained as engineers on how to build rocket and rocket engine. They were specialised in both the manufacturing of the rocket and the rocket engine. Again, they went through massive training on how to make robots for going into space. They implemented many types of equipment for operating in space. They learned about the planets, their types, dangers and purposes of these planets in the space. Not only that, they learned about the atmosphere being a gaseous envelope surrounding a celestial body. The troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere and thermosphere were included in their studies. They did not exclude pressure, density of air and temperature differences in the above weather conditions. They learned much about the forces of gravity. It was explained to them how the earth orbit around the sun and the galaxies were in different colours and billions in number. They shine all times but mostly seen in the night. There are a lot of magnificent objects in the space. Some of these magnificent objects are the moon, the stars and many more. Those great men did many studies which contained formula as to how to launch the rocket in the space. During the designing and manufacturing of the engine, a lot of thought went in as to what gas to used because oxygen is absent in space. They created something in the engine called the cylinder to help combustion. They came up with the system of operating the engine known as the cycle of the four stroke engine. They are: induction, compression, combustion and exhaust. The engine was going to operate on the above principle, that is fuel and gas would be sucked into the cylinder. The fuel and gas would be mixed and compressed, a spark would be created. The mixed fuel and gas would be burnt and create a big bang, which is the combustion. The hot gases would then come out from the nozzle as explosion in a fire-like form to shoot the rocket upward. Due to the pressure and velocity at which the hot gases would be coming out with, the same velocity would be used in shooting the rocket into space. This principle would be achieved by using the Newton’s Third Law of Motion, which said: to every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. But in the case of poor planning, if bad fuel is put in the fuel tank, the dirt could block the fuel line to the engine. In the same way, if water finds itself way in the fuel line, the water can block the fuel line by freezing. It is known that temperature decreases with altitude. They also learned that, people could be stunned from shocks and also suffer from hypoxia if there is no oxygen. This person could be recovered by providing 100% oxygen to the victim. One should make sure that, oxygen breather hoses are not crumpled to avoid shortage of oxygen. They were taught about what to do and what not to do. For instances, any peculiar smell in the rocket should not be smelt to avoid people being stunned. After all these teachings, something unpleasant happened; they experimented on the first rocket and guess what happened. The equipment performing the first experiment crashed and was marooned on an island. The crashed rocket caused a big disaster, the rocket exploded and there was an uncontrollable fire on the island. After the first incident, they built a new rocket and completed the installing of their navigational equipment; they also installed detectors to be able to sense any danger. All these instruments were installed to avoid the rocket again crashing and properties and people being lamented. All broken equipment was fixed to promote smooth launch of the rocket for the research. The rocket looked very fantastic from the first time it was launched.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Story by Emmanuella

Here comes Nancy

Nancy is a girl who was so extremely good that she went to a training school in the evenings, after she had finished learning; she also listens to a story on the television before going to bed. One day, the students from Nancy’s school were going to take a flight to a country called Ghana. The students were told to be prepared for the weather in case of any decrease in pressure, because decrease in pressure means, there is a tendency of rain. Nancy was the only girl who prepared for the weather for the trip to Ghana. All of a sudden, there were a lot of planes and students who were gathered like a galaxy, who were also travelling on the same day. Whilst she was sitting in the plane, she decided to visit the washroom in the plane and smelt something peculiar. At that moment, she came out of the washroom and went to the cockpit and heard the air traffic control saying the first plane that took off to Nigeria had a Mayday. Fortunately, the plane managed to land at one of the airports. The engineer sensed that, there was something wrong with the engine. It was noticed that, the cylinder had a crack and got broken. The passengers got out and in few minutes the plane caught fire and there was a big explosion. The next plane also took off into a storm because not even one of their navigational devices were working. This was a very big disaster because they got missing on the way due to bad weather and poor visibility. The plane’s wings were caught in the storm, and got crumpled and was lamented. When the wing got crumpled, the fuel lines from the wings compromised the flow of fuel. Because the fuel line was in the wing and they had an engine failure. Because of all the accidents, the search and rescue team made an expedition to find out where they were. Before the research team got there, some of the victims were wounded and stunned. Based on these problems, a lot of formulas and checks were put in place before taking off. Pilots orbited around their plane to do their checks. Pilots who don’t do their check properly can be marooned. The pilot said it is not easy to maintain aircraft which are very magnificent. Finally the research team found the victims and they completed their mission by flying back home safely. But all the same, Nancy had a fantastic flight to her destination. After these formulas and checks, there were no accidents for about a century.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Story writing

The Ladies still working on their stories concerning the selected words that have be given to them
The following are the WORDS


We will be putting these stories up as soon as the Ladies finish with their write ups.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

100hr service

The Girls carried out a hundred hour service on the Rotax 912 on 9G-ZAA.

It is basically a general inspection with oil and spark plug change as well as inspection of the magnetic plug and carbs.

Then general inspection on the whole aircraft for damages,leakags etc.

We then cut the old oil filter for inspection of the mat.

She is over 1500hrs and going strong.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

creative writing

The have been given some selected vocabulary to do creative writing with

We need them ready to be able to stand in an interview room with confidence.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Off day for the Girls so, they can get ready for a busy week ahead.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

The Girls did more RT today.

They just received their new Math English and Science teachers from the USA.

These teachers will be with us for two years.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Good news.

We have been hoping for good visibility for girls to get some flying time.

The Girls did their refresher flight preparing them for circuit work.

They were all very happy after their flight. They are making good progress.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


The girls were asked to write a short article about how Aviation relates to other aspects of life.

Here is what Juliet wrote;


Aviation is always about safety. The three major parts that makes flying complete are to Aviate, to Navigate and to Communicate. A pilot must always ensure that ANC is perfectly planned. Aviate is to fly the plane. Navigate is knowing your flight path (heading and direction) and Communicate is to keep in contact with the ATC and the other traffic in the air.

But in all, one of the problems related to all business organisations and other institution is about communication. Flying and sailing are brothers and sisters.

Imagine flying without communication in an aerodrome, where you have traffic on the ground and in air, there is an emergency on the ground that does not permit you to land. Again, what will happen to aircraft on final without communication? Considering two aircraft in the air. One on base leg at 80km/h and the other traffic rejoining long final at 120km/h. there is a possibility that if the base leg traffic does not have the long final traffic in sight or vice versa the two aircraft can crash.

The same thing applies to people who sail on a boat. When sailing to a different place without communication, you can be caught in bad weather like storm. It will be appropriate to communication to find out how the weather is like at the place, even if you don’t have equipment for reading the weather. By sailing into storm, the wind can change the direction of the boat. If any aircraft get lost in air, there can be a plane crashed when the fuel get finished or crash with other plane.

The same thing is applied to sailing on a boat. The fuel in the boat can get finish and can sink or the boat can turn upside down by the bad weather. But when we consider our work places, most of our customers stop trading with us because of the poor customer care services at our work places. Most of our businesses have financial problems because of communication; things go wrong because communication between management and workers are very poor. Remember always to Aviate, Navigate and Communicate. SAFETY IS NO ACCIDENT!.