Sunday, 26 February 2012

Hydraulic work

Changing of the hydraulic pump

Date 22/02/2012
Time 08:00am
Location Hanger three
Materials Grease, Gasket, marker pen, O-ring, Washers and Bolts
Equipment 16mm Spanner, Ratchet and Robber Mallet

Zaen The instructor of the task.
Emmanuella The assistance in cleaning the hydraulic tank, watching and writing.
Juliet Taking photographs, cleaning and watching.
Lydia The assisting with bringing tools, cleaning of the differential hydraulic and some parts of the tractor.

Procedure: At the beginning of the work, Zaen talked about what we would be doing on the tractor concerning the hydraulic pump. The reason why the old hydraulic pump was being changed was that, the teeth of the Bering had chewed and no longer functioning as it should so it needed to be changed.

Working on a tractor is almost the same as working on an aircraft, something like this not everybody that has the interest for it, somebody like Zaen has the experience for fixing a tractor hydraulic pump and it would be very easy for him because he had the passion for it and he does not just have the knowledge for one thing but has it for most things and he has the interest for them.

The tractor was clean with a clean rag, after the cleaning, the chair was removed, bolts and nuts were also removed from the hydraulic pump, and we tried hard to raise the deferential up from the pump. The hydraulic oil was drain underneath the gear pump, the inside of the oil tank was clean after the oil has been drained. The inside was checked for debris and it was clean, we covered it for some days searching for a new Bering.

This is the old hydraulic pump and the Bering.

The groove of the tank where the gasket goes was greased and sealed with a gasket, it was covered with the deferential and afterwards the hydraulic oil went back into the tank.

The new hydraulic pump and the Bering were set back on the tractor and had been tighten with 16mm spanner.

Observation: We were happy when we finished with the work and the tractor went back into service.

Outcome: It was working perfectly.

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