Thursday, 16 February 2012

Here is the story by lydia

Story by Lydia

It was a bright Friday morning; Ama would be travelling with her mother to a town called kar. The same day Ama was invited to a training center. She sensed to organise some navigational equipment because the training consist of flying. As they were going, Ama said could smell something peculiar. During this time, their driver was far asleep and collided with some other car and the driver of that Car was stunned immediately and some parts of the car also got broken and crumpled. The car caught fire and had a big explosion due to the build of pressure in the fuel line and the cylinder. It was an unexpected disaster because it destroyed many people s’ farm produce that they had for the whole year in order to feed their family. Ama was so lamented when she saw the car burnt. Now she had an idea about the sort of formula to use so as to get to her appointment on time. She decided to use a motor cycle since this will enable her to weave around the traffic with no hassle. She made it to the training centre at two minutes past her appointment time. When the car had the accident earlier, the driver was marooned to the very far end of a nearby forest. The training centre is the magnificent building in that community so everybody try to make the most out when ever they have an opportunity given to them just like the one given to Ama. After she had closed from the training centre, there is a water falls due north of the town and she decided to make an expedition to that place because she had heard that, the water falls has been in existence for so many centuries. Ama did one orbit around the water falls just to be able to see all the details around the falls since so many people make their own story about that particular falls. She stayed there and swam until the night when the moon and galaxies were out making sky shine like is daytime adding more interest to her adventure. She had a fantastic moment at the water falls. That was the most fan she had ever had in her entire life and she went away with a lot of happy memories and a lot of stories to tell to all her friends.

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