Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Supporting HIV Orphans and Vulnerable Children

As today is celebrated as Valentines or Chocolate Day, in Ghana, the Manya Krobo Queen Mothers Association celebrates this day with loving and caring for the people that are dear to us. The MKQMA loves and cares for over 1000 orphans and vulnerable children through care in the community.

The AvTech Girls were invited to share their experience and give inspirational words to the school children from both lower and upper Manya District, so as for them to let them know that through hard work and determination, one could become successful in life.

They talked about what they do at the Academy including flying, building planes and maintaining the Aeroplanes.

Bags of Pasta were given to each child to take home for their family, to help with their feeding. Thanks go to DFP for their generous support to this aspect of the Medicine on the Move programme that AvTech participates in.

The school children were very inspired after the little speech from the Girls.

Our Girls are fantastic inspirational speakers – getting ready to change lives, one flight at a time as they train as Pilot/Engineer/Health Educators – the future leaders of Ghana’s health outreach programmes to rural areas, such as the ones these children come from.

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