Saturday, 18 February 2012

Story by Emmanuella

These are words Emmanuella chose.

Judith, Kpong, Joycelin, Kumasi, 500 cedis,Orange, Green, Banku, Rice, Brain, Leg, AF.

Once upon a time, there lived a girl called Judith. She lived in a town named Kpong. Judith lived closer to a friend of her’s by name Joycelin, who attended the same school with her in the township of Kpong.

One day, the two girls planed to have a tour to the Kpong Airfield facility and if possible to take a flight in one of their planes to Kumasi on excursion. When they got to the Airfield, they looked at all the different planes and decided to take their flight in one of the planes by registration 9G-ZAF to Kumasi air port. Before the girls got on board the Aircraft, the pilot asked them whether they have ever been on a small plane before organizing such an excursion by air.

Immediately they replied we had already make enquires some few months back before expediting the journey. When the flight was about to depart, the girls asked of the invoice for their flight to Kumasi and the pilot told them it will cost GH¢ 500 each way. During the flight, Joycelin told her friend that, she could see some body from the air in a bright orange and green dress.

After they got to their destination, the plane landed and the girls came out, and they were starving. At that moment, the girls rush to the near by appetizing restaurant at the Kumasi air port.
Due to much hunger, Joycelin had placed an order for an enormous banku with okro stew. So Judith said well since her friend has ordered her favourite then, she will like a plate of decorated jollof rice and grilled guinea fowl, also some rice pudding. After they had finished eating and continuing their adventure, it was time for them to be back home before night fall. When they were returning home, Judith approach the pilot to find out how one could achieve their dreams of becoming a pilot. The pilot answered her in chorus. If you want to be a pilot, you need to take your Maths, Science, English and Geography seriously and at least you should have completed senior high school. Judith said by the way my friend and I are studying pure Science. So when they got home, they started going to extra classes that will enable to learn more and to prepare them towards achieving their dreams since the Pilot enlightened them about the steps to be coming a Pilot. At the classes, they were taught about the human body which comprises of the brain and the leg. After they had finished their duties at home, in the evening, they went to a restaurant to have dinner and met the pilot - they told him what they were taught at the classes today. Based on that, the pilot said that it was very brilliant that the girls were already ahead of the game. Because, when you are taking flying lessons, there is a topic called human performance and limitation which talks about the human body too. These include the human brain and the leg as well. The girls were so vibrant and would appreciate to have more lessons on the human body. The next day at the class, the two girls were having a conversation with their teacher based on how essential the human body is when it comes to flying. Their teacher was itching to learn more about how the human body is related to flying. At this time, the girls were telling him what the pilot told them about the human body and how healthy one has be, before flying. Their teacher was so happy due to how intelligent his students are when it comes to learning and they are ready to find out more even outside the classroom in order to broaden their knowledge about new things in life.

He told them to keep up their enthusiasm and hard work because that will expose them to a bright future.

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