Friday, 10 February 2012

Story by Emmanuella

Here comes Nancy

Nancy is a girl who was so extremely good that she went to a training school in the evenings, after she had finished learning; she also listens to a story on the television before going to bed. One day, the students from Nancy’s school were going to take a flight to a country called Ghana. The students were told to be prepared for the weather in case of any decrease in pressure, because decrease in pressure means, there is a tendency of rain. Nancy was the only girl who prepared for the weather for the trip to Ghana. All of a sudden, there were a lot of planes and students who were gathered like a galaxy, who were also travelling on the same day. Whilst she was sitting in the plane, she decided to visit the washroom in the plane and smelt something peculiar. At that moment, she came out of the washroom and went to the cockpit and heard the air traffic control saying the first plane that took off to Nigeria had a Mayday. Fortunately, the plane managed to land at one of the airports. The engineer sensed that, there was something wrong with the engine. It was noticed that, the cylinder had a crack and got broken. The passengers got out and in few minutes the plane caught fire and there was a big explosion. The next plane also took off into a storm because not even one of their navigational devices were working. This was a very big disaster because they got missing on the way due to bad weather and poor visibility. The plane’s wings were caught in the storm, and got crumpled and was lamented. When the wing got crumpled, the fuel lines from the wings compromised the flow of fuel. Because the fuel line was in the wing and they had an engine failure. Because of all the accidents, the search and rescue team made an expedition to find out where they were. Before the research team got there, some of the victims were wounded and stunned. Based on these problems, a lot of formulas and checks were put in place before taking off. Pilots orbited around their plane to do their checks. Pilots who don’t do their check properly can be marooned. The pilot said it is not easy to maintain aircraft which are very magnificent. Finally the research team found the victims and they completed their mission by flying back home safely. But all the same, Nancy had a fantastic flight to her destination. After these formulas and checks, there were no accidents for about a century.


  1. This story contains many good lessons! Be prepared to handle an emergency, check the weather, check your equipment and don't fly if something is not quite right!

  2. these girls have never been asked to compose a fictional story with specific words, and they really found it quite hard. This is actually an attempt to increase their 'design skills' in engineering - where imagination needs to work. Imagination is not stimulated in schools or a survival style economy such as these girls have lived in. Well done Emmanuella - cant wait to read the other stories!