Friday, 17 February 2012

More stories from the Girls

This time, the Girls have chosen their own words to write stories with.
Here are the words that Lydia chose.

Green, AF, Emmanuella, Juliet, Tema, Tractor, Goat, Cow, Runway 01, 500km, Walk.

A story by Lydia about Emmanuella Johnson and Juliet

There was a girl called Emmanuella Johnson who always looks after cows and goats. When the dry season came Emmanuella-J decided to make an expedition with her tractor to where she has been sending the animals to eat, to mow the grasses so that new green grass could grow for the animals to eat. The place was very far, like 500km, away from her house. One day Emmanuella-J wanted to travel to Tema when she finished dressing herself, she has to walk 3km to the road side to take a car. She got to the road side took a trotro, when she got into the trotro she met a new friend called Juliet-S. Emmanuella J asked her what she does, and she told her she was a pilot. Emmanuella-J asked her the type of plane she flies, and she told her she flies ultra-light aircraft. Emmanuella-J asked a lots of question concerning flying and if possible could she also learn to fly. Juliet- S told her she is always welcome.

Emmanuella-J got to where she wanted to alight she got down and Juliet S told her “see you soon when you come there bye” Emmanuella-J went to Tema because she was training on a course that consisted of how to take care of animals. The training went on very well. After she has completed with her training, she thought of how to get to her friend Juliet- S, so she took a taxi from Tema to Kotoka International Airport. When she got there, she asked the security man about Juliet-S and the security man asked her if she had an appointment, and she said affirm. He went and called Juliet-S for her. She came out and asked Emmanuella-J what she would like to do. Emmanuella-J said she would love to fly to Kumasi and back. Juliet-S sent her to one of the aircraft called Alpha Foxtrot (AF). When she sent her near the plane, she was so excited and said I love the colour of this plane. She taught her how to do the checklist, they checked the cockpit for key off, mags off, fuselage, elevator, horizontal stabilizer, fin, wings, pins, wires, wheels, engine and windshield. After they did all these checks they signed the paperwork. Emmanuella-J got into the right seat of the plane and Juliet-S sat on the left seat of the plane, as the pilot. They did a radio communication call to the tower, that is to the Air Traffic Controller (ATC). The pilot asked the KIA tower, “Niner Golf Zulu Alpha Foxtrot (9GZ-AF) radio check and start-up”
“ 9GZAF you are clear to start-up at your own discretion, runway in use is 01 QNH is 1013 wind speed is 12kts KIA tower”
“ Copy your information QNH is 1013, taxing to runway 01, copy your information 9GZAF”
When they were on the runway 01 they went through their list again, from there the pilot added full power and took off. At 1000ft above the ground they turned left heading Kumasi in the Ashanti region. It was very amazing flight for Emmanuella.
The end.

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