Wednesday, 1 February 2012


The girls were asked to write a short article about how Aviation relates to other aspects of life.

Here is what Juliet wrote;


Aviation is always about safety. The three major parts that makes flying complete are to Aviate, to Navigate and to Communicate. A pilot must always ensure that ANC is perfectly planned. Aviate is to fly the plane. Navigate is knowing your flight path (heading and direction) and Communicate is to keep in contact with the ATC and the other traffic in the air.

But in all, one of the problems related to all business organisations and other institution is about communication. Flying and sailing are brothers and sisters.

Imagine flying without communication in an aerodrome, where you have traffic on the ground and in air, there is an emergency on the ground that does not permit you to land. Again, what will happen to aircraft on final without communication? Considering two aircraft in the air. One on base leg at 80km/h and the other traffic rejoining long final at 120km/h. there is a possibility that if the base leg traffic does not have the long final traffic in sight or vice versa the two aircraft can crash.

The same thing applies to people who sail on a boat. When sailing to a different place without communication, you can be caught in bad weather like storm. It will be appropriate to communication to find out how the weather is like at the place, even if you don’t have equipment for reading the weather. By sailing into storm, the wind can change the direction of the boat. If any aircraft get lost in air, there can be a plane crashed when the fuel get finished or crash with other plane.

The same thing is applied to sailing on a boat. The fuel in the boat can get finish and can sink or the boat can turn upside down by the bad weather. But when we consider our work places, most of our customers stop trading with us because of the poor customer care services at our work places. Most of our businesses have financial problems because of communication; things go wrong because communication between management and workers are very poor. Remember always to Aviate, Navigate and Communicate. SAFETY IS NO ACCIDENT!.

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  1. As always Juliet speaks with confidence as she knows & understands her industry but has the great ability to explain it to those outside. She'll go far & do well!!!