Saturday, 11 February 2012

Story by Juliet


In the 20th century, something happened on the planet earth. Some great men in those early days decided to build a machine which would be able to go into space. Because it was known that, there wasn’t any oxygen in space. They made up their minds to build an engine which could still operate in space without oxygen. They wanted the machine to be able to make an expedition into space without the space men putting much effort on controlling the rocket all times. The great men were trained as engineers on how to build rocket and rocket engine. They were specialised in both the manufacturing of the rocket and the rocket engine. Again, they went through massive training on how to make robots for going into space. They implemented many types of equipment for operating in space. They learned about the planets, their types, dangers and purposes of these planets in the space. Not only that, they learned about the atmosphere being a gaseous envelope surrounding a celestial body. The troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere and thermosphere were included in their studies. They did not exclude pressure, density of air and temperature differences in the above weather conditions. They learned much about the forces of gravity. It was explained to them how the earth orbit around the sun and the galaxies were in different colours and billions in number. They shine all times but mostly seen in the night. There are a lot of magnificent objects in the space. Some of these magnificent objects are the moon, the stars and many more. Those great men did many studies which contained formula as to how to launch the rocket in the space. During the designing and manufacturing of the engine, a lot of thought went in as to what gas to used because oxygen is absent in space. They created something in the engine called the cylinder to help combustion. They came up with the system of operating the engine known as the cycle of the four stroke engine. They are: induction, compression, combustion and exhaust. The engine was going to operate on the above principle, that is fuel and gas would be sucked into the cylinder. The fuel and gas would be mixed and compressed, a spark would be created. The mixed fuel and gas would be burnt and create a big bang, which is the combustion. The hot gases would then come out from the nozzle as explosion in a fire-like form to shoot the rocket upward. Due to the pressure and velocity at which the hot gases would be coming out with, the same velocity would be used in shooting the rocket into space. This principle would be achieved by using the Newton’s Third Law of Motion, which said: to every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. But in the case of poor planning, if bad fuel is put in the fuel tank, the dirt could block the fuel line to the engine. In the same way, if water finds itself way in the fuel line, the water can block the fuel line by freezing. It is known that temperature decreases with altitude. They also learned that, people could be stunned from shocks and also suffer from hypoxia if there is no oxygen. This person could be recovered by providing 100% oxygen to the victim. One should make sure that, oxygen breather hoses are not crumpled to avoid shortage of oxygen. They were taught about what to do and what not to do. For instances, any peculiar smell in the rocket should not be smelt to avoid people being stunned. After all these teachings, something unpleasant happened; they experimented on the first rocket and guess what happened. The equipment performing the first experiment crashed and was marooned on an island. The crashed rocket caused a big disaster, the rocket exploded and there was an uncontrollable fire on the island. After the first incident, they built a new rocket and completed the installing of their navigational equipment; they also installed detectors to be able to sense any danger. All these instruments were installed to avoid the rocket again crashing and properties and people being lamented. All broken equipment was fixed to promote smooth launch of the rocket for the research. The rocket looked very fantastic from the first time it was launched.

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