Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Problem solving...

The young ladies are now just beginning to do more work using the different tools for problem solving more and more in their daily given tasks. Young Lydia is getting more comfortable with the use of the small hand tools.

After a day's work, everyone goes to bed with satisfaction in what have been achieved in the day.

Sharpening and balancing sit and ride john-deere lawn mower blades in order to improve on the quality of cutting the grass at the airfield.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The right photo may change the world...

Since the next phase of our health outreach is to make some very innovative posters using photographs of people who are inspiration to the people in the rural Ghana. Photographs that puts across punchy messages to these communities about staying away from schistosomiasis.

The young ladies in the academy were very enthusiastic on how we should go about the whole concept. Some role models from the Afram plains were invited to the airfield to participate in the photo shooting session for the new posters for their communities.