Thursday, 1 March 2012

Blog by Lydia

When I started learning to fly, I was flying in the two seater tube and cloth plane, On the 25th of February 2012 I was sent into the two seater all metal plane, because in the tube and clothe plane, my arm was short and I couldn't get to the joystick with my right arm and I was unable to reach the instrument panel to turn the key and to switch on the mags, so I was moved into the metal plane and it is now perfect for me with the instruments panel because my right arm could reach the joystick, the throttle and other controls.

I had my lesson in the aircraft by registration Alpha Foxtrot. It was not easy to fly in, the controls were a little bit sensitive for me to handle so I needed to practice more on how to handle that in a much more co-ordinated manner with my arms and feet. I had been able to fly the aircraft in the directions I needed and need to practice straight and level in order to make things easier for me. I sat in the left seat and Jonathan sat in the right seat of the plane, we did some Touch and Gos, I was very happy for the time I was given in AF because I enjoyed flying her.

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  1. Actually, she did really well - the best part was the squeal of delight when she accidentally tried to set the aircraft into orbit instead of climbing (the 701 is relatively pitch sensitive compared to the X-Air) - With a bit of practice she will be able to achieve all of the manoeuvres - already she got the straight and level and turns 90% co-ordinated and apart from one low pass feeling like we were on riding a snake, flew remarkably well! Well done Lydia!