Monday, 14 May 2012

Completion of 9G ZAG

This has been an exceptionally busy week at the Airfield - engineering has taken precedence as we needed to get 9G ZAA back to service. Her engine was beyond economic repair, and we had a low hours engine ready to swap over, and then 9G ZAG, a plane built by the girls at AvTech for a project in Techiman, also needed to complete its test programme ready for delivery this weekend.

One of the wonders of the Rotax carburetted engines is 'carb-balancing' - it requires patience and a team ready to hold the plane back as we go through the engine settings checking for variations in manifold pressure, and adjusting to get them as close as possible for smoooth running at low revs and optimum responsiveness.

Rachelle got to hold back a plane for the first time, and Patricia was at the controls managing the manometers and throttle settings, girls held the planes, worked the external power (to avoid draining the battery with many starts) and all assisted with the micro-adjustments at the carb sides.

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