Sunday, 17 February 2013

The Afram Plains....some day the Afram "Planes"

Here we are sitting in a VLTC (Volta lake transport company) bus traveling from Kpong to the Afram Plains, a place that will normally take you about half hour to an hour in a plane. On the road, is about ten to eleven hours. After three hours on very rough road, with everybody hurting and exhausted from the drive, we took the decision to spend the night since everbody was hungry and Lydia is still recovering from malaria.

After the long difficult drive on the corrugated road, we made it to the Afram Plains safely and did our presentation for the selection of children to the fly me day on the 8th-10th March. The schoolgirls were very enthusiastic about all the topics. Some of the topics includes four forces of flight, cycles of a four stroke engine, SODIS and schistosomiasis and above all, the gIrls were reminded to work hard and not to become school dropouts or get pregnant.

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