Friday, 5 April 2013

Flying disabled children

Everyone always likes to have memorable days in their lives and this week was a very important one for our girls and some special children.

We have been considering the option of flying disabled children for a long time but this week, our dreams became a reality.

We visited one of the local schools with Ute Hoelscher who is a teacher to visually impaired children in order to select some potential ones for a special fly me day.

There were six special children present for that memorable day. Two of the kids were deaf and four were partially visually impaired. Francis Norman and his two other friends from Germany who are musicians (violinist, drummers and and singers) came along to assist.

The deaf kids were shown how to touch the drums, violin and drum sticks in order to feel the vibration from the musical instruments to give them ideas of what is going on around them.

After all the interactions, all six of them were flown, after which they all left for their homes happily and with good memories.

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