Thursday, 11 April 2013

The end is near.. end of term that is..

Is coming to the end of term and the girls have to sit their end of term exams both written and practical but are not told when the exams will be conducted.

But they are advised to be ready with every thing that, they have been taught since the exams will come from everything they have learnt for the past two and half years.

Yesterday, there was a scenario about a victim who went flying on her first trial flight and got hypoglycemic and turned out to be that, she didn't have anything to eat that morning and low blood sugar kicked in.

She then became non-responsive and the pilot in command declared a pan pan.

The ladies then handled the emergency very professionally, going through the different procedures on what a first respondant does in such a situation.

It was the best they have done with any scenario in a long time. They were then told they have all passed one of their practical exams for this term.

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