Thursday, 26 January 2012


As usual, today was a busy one for the Girls. The X-air falcon that we are working on is making everybody focus in the workshop; they were writing the list of to dos in order for the plane to be ready for the test flight.

During this stage of engineering, everybody is in there; checking and double checking to make sure the plane is to fly. We fueled up the plane to check for leaks and the fuel system passed first time.

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  1. I'd love to read some comments from the ladies who are students at the AvTech Academy!

    What do you think about the things you are learning? Is it very easy for you, or is a real challenge?

    Do you prefer the classroom bookwork, or being in the workshop?

    Where are your home villages? Do your families come to see you? What do they think of what you are doing?

    I wish you all well with your training!