Sunday, 15 January 2012

The Girls loving the use of Computers.

The use of computers in the world that we live in now is very rampant,the girls are just beginning to understand why we are asking them all the time to present all their work reports on computers.

Last term, a company by name,Medion gave three laptop computers and three digital cameras to the AvTech Academy which really helped the girls with their computer skills,for every report they present,they take photographs to support the written reports and most often, because they are enjoying using the cameras, it helps boost their interests in using the computers because that allows them to upload images since they like the idea of pictures.Many thanks to Francis Norman and Medion LTD for their generosity, the girls are very grateful. We have six new students starting in September this year, we hope to be able to equip them with more computers that will enable them to do more computer work especially since all the flying theory is CBT(Computer Based Training) it means they have to be good with computer before the time comes.

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