Sunday, 17 March 2013

Afram plains drop mission.

All the volunteers helped in preparing the drops for the Afram plains communities who came for the fly me day.

The young ladies in the AvTechacademy are now at the stage of being the drop masters for dropping to these communities.

We got airborne as early as 07:00am to communities 90km due north of Kpong airfield. The trip was done by two aeroplanes with the intention that, one plane will provide safety watch for the drop plane.
After about 45 minutes to an hour, we arrived at the target zone, a couple of passes was done to ensure it was a safe area for doing the drops.

Patricia being the Pilot and Lydia as drop master, several drops were metted out to the communities which had about seven different school present in order to receive the packages for their communities. After about four passes, the risk factors rose due to strong winds, thermal activities, cloud build ups and tiredness on the crew's part.

The location for the drops is very hostile so, requires lot of lookout and planing to ensure safe operations but all the same better than most drop zones in the past.

It was a very successful mission and is just the beginning of drops which will help change their lives, helping them to spread the health message across the rural areas.

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