Friday, 1 March 2013

Time for the students to step up.

Wow! The students for the first time, were able to carry out a 100hours service on KT who just turned 700hours.

She is our conversion trainer and has flown over thirty different nationalities over the past years. KT is now looking forward to converting the AvTechacademy students's licences when they have completed their training on our basic trainers.
They took lots of details during the servicing and asked many vital questions which required vivid explanations.

The 100hour service entales general cleaning on the engine, changing oil, change oil filter, changing spark plugs, removal of magnetic plug for checking, cleaning the fuel gascolator etc.

These youngsters are in their second term, third year with one and a half years to go but are already very competent with most things that they are involved in working on, which helps with changing lives, sustainably for the best results.

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