Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Fly Me day and our first Afram Plains Drops.

Melissa Pemberton and the AvTech girls
This year's fly me day was a success and all children from the selected schools arrived on time. The team was very much prepared to receive the young enthusiasts.

On Sunday, the 10th of March 2013, fifty young ladies were brought in by the Volta Lake Transport ferry which purposely made a special sailing to the Afram plains in order to bring them for the fly me day where they were flown at the Kpong field facilities.

The students arrived early as planned and were all flown before noon. They were also shown the facilities at the airfield.

Some of them have already started purchasing entrance forms for the AvTech academy intake in August this year.

At the fly me day, they were told, there will be planes flying into their communities soon to do aerial supply drops containing health related educational drops.
Supply drops were made up by the MoM volunteers, we then set off this morning for the Afram plains to do first aerial drops to the communities we promised on the fly me day. Lydia was the drop master.

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